German classes

Speaking German makes the difference!

Did you know that …


… German is the most widely spoken mother tongue in Europe?

… being able to speak German is an advantage in the job market?

… there are numerous partnerships with Germany, often subsidized?

… German is the language of Goethe, Kafka, Mozart, Bach and Beethoven ?


I would like to share my knowledge of and passion for this beautiful language with students of all levels using personalised programmes, in individual classes or in small groups.

Classes will be given at your house or mine, in a relaxed but studious atmosphere.

I prefer a method based on oral communication and expression with audiovisual support, adapted to your needs.


P1040177 klein° Children :       The earlier you learn the easier it is !

It is a common fact that children learn easier than adults do. So why not teach them a second language starting from an early age?

My classes for children are based upon oral activities : games, songs, counting rhymes…


lesduits2° Adults :               German is accessible to all !

Whether if you need to refresh as part of your work, for travelling or just for fun learning German, don’t hesitate, come and learn German from an experienced and competent teacher !

Classes for beginner, intermediate or advanced. Individual or in small groups. Also preparation for BULATS – tests.


° College and lycée students :

What I offer them is much more than ‘tutoring’ : acquisition of a work methodology, pedagogical monitoring, preparation for exams…

Most of the students are making significant progress: after several weeks education outcomes improve.

College students :

Lycée students :


° Students :

Refreshing or perfecting of all oral and written skills.

Preparation for entrance exams.

Preparation for BULATS – tests.